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Interview on Inside the Rift

I had the pleasure of sharing some thoughts about art, nature, and humanity on InsidetheRift.com “There’s no time for ego games or marketing plans when it comes to art making. It’s just art. It’s you and your chosen materials and your vision, your inspiration. You have to cut through all of the mind-games if you […]

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Interview on Reality Sandwich

Nese Devenot interviewed me recently for www.RealitySandwich.com. From her Introduction… Among the newer iterations of visionary artists – a cohort that includes Amanda Sage, Luke Brown, Adam Scott Miller, and Andrew “Android” Jones – Michael Divine has carved out a niche all his own. His evolving style is unmistakeable even from a distance: sweeping vistas, […]

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Nomos Journal Interview with Michael Divine

I recently did an interview with Nomos Journal – an online journal that explores the meetings of religion and culture. We talked about art, history, painting, mysticism, amongst other thigns… it was great. Give it a read! (*thanks, seth!)

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