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New Poster for Conscious Alliance and STS9

I made the artwork for this poster which is available from Conscious Alliance and STS9 this weekend in Atlanta, GA. The 18″ x 24″ poster is silkscreened and the colors look great! I’m so happy to work with Conscious Alliance again. I think they do really really great work and I’m always happy to support them when I can.

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Art Outside outside of Austin, TX

Had a whole lot of fun this past weekend at Art Outside in Texas. Art Outside is a heavily arts-focused festival (in lieu of a festival which is MUSIC + art) put on by a wonderful crew of people, mainly, I think, from the Austin area. Violet and I really enjoyed it – met a lot of wonderful people and made a lot of great connections.

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Lightning in a Bottle 2012

I had a ton of fun this past weekend at Lightning in a Bottle in Irvine, CA. There was the Archival Inc. Gallery where I had a number of prints as well as the original painting of Illumination on display and I also created a live collaborative painting with Hans Haveron.

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Symbiosis Pyramid Eclipse Painting/Poster

I created a painting for Symbiosis Gathering’s Pyramid Eclipse Festival, May 17 – 21 at Pyramid Lake in Nevada. Signed copies of the poster will be available in the merch tent at the gathering.

I photographed it every so often to document it’s creation. Check out the step by step process…

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Main Stage Banners at High Sierra

This past summer, on the 4th of July weekend, I was again at High Sierra Music Festival up in Quincy, CA. It’s a beautiful area of California that reminds me a lot of Northern Vermont – rolling hills, farmlands, vast skies. It’s just that the trees are twice as tall and the environs just a […]

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Stage backdrop, Karl Denson, Tahoe

Stage backdrop for Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe @ Montbleu Showroom, Tahoe on Tuesday, August 9, 2011, post-Phish. I was up in Tahoe for Phish and some of the afterparties at Montbleu Showroom where Karl Denson, Lotus, and others were performing. It was a super fun time. I also had a small gallery set up outside of […]

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High Sierra Music Festival 2011

If you were at High Sierra Music Festival last year, you might have seen my giant lightboxes in the Jam House – one of the late night venues. Well, this year we went bigger. I’ll have some large banners of Birth of a Star on either side of the main stage and I’ve helped House […]

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Michael Divine @ Harmony Fest, Santa Rosa, CA

I’ll be a featured artist at Harmony Festival in Santa Rosa on June 10 – 12. I’ll have a number of works featured in the gallery and I’ll be live painting during the late night event from 10 – 2am during Krishna Das. I hope to make something pretty 🙂  

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Lightning in a Bottle

Had a blast this past weekend at Lightning in a Bottle – a big art and music festival here in SoCal – in the mountains and valleys east of Orange County no less! It’s truly a special event that goes above and beyond the ordinary consumption and party fest that many festivals are. Not to […]

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MAPS.org Fundraiser and conference

Great time and great turnout this past weekend in Los Angeles for the MAPS.org conference and fundraiser at Temple of Visions Gallery and the Downtown Independent Theater. Collections of my work along with Amanda Sage’s work will be up for the remainder of the month. There’s a number of pieces that have never been displayed […]

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